Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dining in Butuan

Let us now jump to my favorite topic: food. Filipinos love to eat. That is a fact. When visiting Butuan, expect to be offered food everytime you step inside a Butuanon's house. The best dining experience would be at your host's house. You are lucky if your host knows how to cook. If not, a hired cook may prepare the usual visitor's fare. In our home, visiting relatives are usually offered steamed prawns and crabs, grilled fish, kinilaw and lechon with leche flan or cake for dessert. If available, they may be lucky enough to sample local delicacies such as palagsing, tumpi, buntaa and inisab. If you prefer dining out, here are a few restaurants to try:

Manay Maling's, Almont Inland Resort - This is Butuan's default go-to place for tourists. Nothing beats eating with a view of the pool and man-made waterfall. It offers mainly Filipino dishes. Daily lunch buffet costs P200+/person. Don't forget to try the halo-halo.

Almont City Cafe - Located at the heart of the city, City Cafe is a good date place. It has fewer selections compared to its sister resto, Manay Maling's, but everything on the menu is a must try. A pianist plays on scheduled hours.

Embassy Hotel & Restaurant - If you want major artery constriction, head to Embassy. Its bestsellers include kare-kare, filet mignon and crispy pata. For the health conscious, try the equally popular steamed lapu-lapu.

Luciana Inn & Restaurant - If you don't mind climbing 2 flights of stairs, then Luciana it is. My personal favorites are the chicken pillows, buttered chicken and pansit canton. Enjoy the hefty servings!

Narra Restaurant - Which Butuanon hasn't eaten at Narra? This is probably the oldest restaurant in the city. Narra has been relocated to two locations - one at Ochoa Ave. and another along J. C. Aquino Ave. in Libertad. Try their garlic chicken, lumpia shanghai and toasted bihon to taste what Butuanons have been eating at Narra all these years.

Margie's Kitchen - Margie's is the newest kid on the block and, presently, the most popular, specially among the younger ones. The place is packed each dinnertime. Margie's is more known for its desserts, but they also have regular meals on the menu. My favorite? Pandan-wrapped chicken. For merienda, my top choice would be the Black Olive and Tuyo Pasta.

True Brew - As the name suggests, True Brew is more known for its coffee and gourmet sandwiches. On top of the crop are Clubhouse Sandwich, Pastrami Melt and Cuban Grill. They also have Mexican Tacos. For thirst-quenchers, try the Mango Fizz or Soursop Spritz.

Minty Passion - Probably the most overlooked on the list, Minty Passion is located right beside True Brew. The Taco Salad and Chicken Cordon Bleu are worth a try.

Uncle Sam's Burger - Uncle Sam's was an institution of its own at its previous location along J.C. Aquino Avenue. It started as a burger cart and later evolved into a favorite dining spot which serves a number of specialties which include mouth-watering burgers, steaming hot bulalo, and sizzling T-bone steaks. Uncle Sam's Burger is now located near the City Hall complex and is open until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning.

Aling Cora's - Chicken barbecue at its best! A well-traveled Manila-based friend once commented, "This is the best chicken barbecue I have ever tasted!" Other must-trys: kinilaw and crispy crablets. Did I say very affordable prices?

Weegol's - Before there was Aling Cora's, there was Weegol's. After their top rival opened, Weegol's has been losing steam. Loyal fans go back for their buko halo and buko pie. You can expect the stream of government employees from nearby City Hall at lunchtime.

Mering's Barbecue - Butuan's best kept secret. It takes a real Butuanon foodie to locate this place. It is the cheapest and most delicious dining option in the city. Hint: Drive to the police station and follow the smell and the smoke. Good news to all barbecue lovers: Mering's will open a not-so-secret branch near Gaisano Mall very soon!

Until the next new restaurant opens, I say, "Madyaw nga pagkani Butuan!"

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