Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walk for a Cause

Our lone source of water in Butuan City has been endangered by the illegal mining, illegal logging and illegal constructions within the Taguibo Watershed area.  Socio-civic organizations have been actively creating public awareness to save our only source of water here (there are pending cases too, but we can't talk about it here).

As I went down the office today, I chanced upon the Walk For Cause to save our said watershed. The front-liners were our diocesan priests, followed by  the officers and employees of Fr. Saturnino Urios University, the seminarians in the St. Peter’s Seminary, students from the various schools in the cities, and so on and so forth.

The Walk intended to call and pressure those lawless individuals to cease their illegal operations in the Taguibo Watershed Forest Reserve Area.  By the looks of the wrath brought about by Ondoy, I hope those !@#$$ persons heed the persistent plea and stop already, por favor!

By: yenskay

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